Be seen at the most talked about advertising spots in Tampere

Advertising spots that attract attention in the Tampere region

Trams and digital outdoor screens are significant advertising spots that can reach both residents and travellers in Tampere. Outdoor advertising is an effective form of media through which you will be present amongst urban residents of all ages and can actively reach them wherever they go to.

As a continuously growing city and the second largest economic area in Finland, Tampere is an excellent advertising spot. The events of the city attract consumers throughout the year, ensuring commercially effective campaigns.

Digital screens in trams

The ads shown on the digital screens of trams will attract the consumer’s attention when they have the most time. With advertising spots, you can reach residents in the Tampere region and stay relevant thanks to repeated advertising.

Digital screens are a flexible form of advertising, where it is easy to update and customise the content. You can also choose the time of day when your ads are shown to best reach your target audience.

Outdoor advertising in a tram

The exterior wrapping of trams will help you get noticed! With a unique advertising spot, your products or services will become known amongst everyone moving in the city, whether they are on foot, or travelling by car or bicycle.

The trams moving in the city centre and residential areas of Tampere will bring your message to consumers, where they will reach urban residents efficiently. More than 1.1 million passengers travel by tram monthly and the popularity of trams is steadily increasing.

Digital outdoor advertising

The digital screens located in the middle of the city of Tampere and busy transport connections will display your brands amongst locals and travellers from far away. With digital outdoor advertising, you can reach passers-by and public transport passengers efficiently.